Air Zookas

Air Zookas deliver a blast of air across a room by simply trapping air and then firing it forward.



  • Air Zooka (can be found online)



  1. Construct the Air Zooka as per instructions
    2. Pull on the handle inside the Air Zooka attached to the strong elastic
    3. Let go of the handle and see what happens
    4. It is probably best if you have a wiling volunteer in front of you (preferably with long hair) so you can see what happens. Alternatively try and fire at a curtain or blind to see what happens.


The science

The Air Zooka contains air, when you pull back on the handle, more air is pulled into the Air Zooka. When you release the handle, the increased air is pushed out of the Air Zooka with force enough to disturb your friends hair and/or the curtains/blinds.