Balloon Hovercraft

Make your very own balloon hover craft with nothing more than an old CD, sports cap drinks bottle, Blu-tack and a balloon.



  • 1 balloon
  • 1 drink bottle top or fruit shoot top (with a sports cap)
  • 1 old CD or DVD
  • Blu-tack


  1. Roll the Blu-tack into a thin sausage shape and stick it to the bottom of the sports cap
  2. Stick the sports cap onto the centre of the CD DVD
  3. Check that there are no air gaps around the bottom of the sports cap
  4. Push the sports cap down so that it is closed.
  5. Blow up a balloon and put it over the top of the sports cap
  6. Put your Hovercraft on a smooth floor (not carpet)
  7. When you’re ready, lift the sports cap top and gently push your hovercraft.

The Science

The air from the balloon is pushed down through the centre of the CD/DVD and the only way out is for it to push underneath the CD/DVD. This creates a cushion of air for the hovercraft to float on making it speed across the floor.