Balloon Kebabs

Can you get a kebab stick through a balloon without popping it? Is it possible? Give it a try with this experiment guide.



• Wooden kebab sticks (thin ones are best)
• Balloons (the more expensive ones work best)
• Balloon inflators


  1. Blow a balloon up to 2/3rds inflated and tie the end in a knot
  2. Take a kebab stick and see if you can push it through the balloon without popping it.
  3. Did the balloon pop?
  4. Try it now by pushing the kebab stick through the knotted end of the balloon and then out through the darkest part of the balloon at the other side
  5. Did the balloon pop? It may take several attempts but you should get there!!

The Science

There is a lot of tension on the balloon at the sides so pushing anything through this area will pop the balloon. However the darker areas of the balloon are under a lot less tension and therefore it is possible to push a kebab stick through without popping the balloon.

Health and Safety

Latex allergy
Be aware of the sharp points on the kebab sticks