Fake Snow

Want to have snow all year round? Make some fake snow and watch it grow!



  • 1 teaspoon of ‘Fake Snow’
  • Pipette
  • Water



1. Place a teaspoon of ‘Fake Snow’ in your hand
2. Add a pipette full of water onto the top of the snow
3. Watch what happens
4. Add some more water and watch what happens


The science

The ‘fake snow’ is actually a super-absorbent polymer (or plastic) this is the same powder that is found in nappies. When water is added, the individual clusters internally hydrate and expand, forming small, fluffy clusters that do not cling to surrounding clusters and so appears as a powdery snow. Fake Snow will expand to 100 times its original size.


Health and Safety

Ensure that the children do not eat the ‘Fake Snow’
Check for allergies when handling the ‘Fake Snow’ and if necessary, wear non-latex gloves.
Encourage the children to wash their hands after handling the material.
Do not dispose of the material down the sink.