Jelly and Oil Challenge

Take on our Jelly and Oil challenge! Can you move one cube of jelly from one place to another? What challenges are you facing?



  • Cubes of Jelly
  • Chopsticks
  • Oil



  1. Take hold of the chopsticks in one hand
  2. Try to pick up a cube of jelly with the chopsticks
  3. Once you have a good hold of the jelly cube, try and move it from one place to another
  4. Now place a little bit of oil on the jelly cube and try and move it again
  5. A little more difficult this time? Why?


The Challenge

To move cubes of jelly from one place to another using chopsticks

The Science

In order to grip an object, you need friction. When a lubricant like oil or water blocks the force of friction it becomes very difficult for two objects to make contact with each other.


Oil is used in engines to allow moving parts to slide past one another with ease – avoiding wear and tear.

*taken from challenge cards series