Download and create Artemis illustrations of your own. Decorate your space with the systems that will take us to the Moon and beyond!

While NASA astronauts continue to live and work aboard the International Station, we are preparing for a new future in deep space. With the Artemis program, NASA will send the first woman and the next man to the Moon to set foot once again, and will build an infrastructure to allow us to stay and prepare for missions to Mars.

Now you can learn to draw a fleet of sophisticated space hardware that will take us on Artemis Missions – similar to the way NASA engineers and technicians sketched out early concepts for space suits, rockets, spaceships, ground systems, and orbiting platforms that have allowed us to explore other worlds.

Download your favorite – download them all! – and learn how to draw NASA’s deep space exploration systems that will power us to the Moon and beyond.
Color your drawings to bring them to life.

Share your creation! Upload onto social media and tag #DrawArtemis and #NASAatHome

If you are posting on Instagram, also tag @NASAArtemis


Some ideas to spark your creativity:


  • Draw your face into the helmet of a space suit
  • Show the Space Launch System launching with fire roaring from its engines
  • Place Orion near the Moon
  • Draw Space Launch System standing on the Mobile Launcher Platform
  • Include NASA and Artemis branding
  • Draw them all and piece together into one exciting space scene
  • Display your creation in a unique and interesting way