Climate Change and Biodiversity Kit

The Climate Change & Biodiversity Kit is suitable for key stages 1-6 and provides exciting and unusual ways to investigate the importance of climate change and its impact on biodiversity.

Kits are rented on a termly basis and can be hired for up to 6 weeks. Only 2 kits per school at any time.

You can use this kit to: 

  • Show what effects climate change may have on wildlife
  • Locate hot spots for climate change
  • Raise awareness of wildlife found in your local area
  • Teach about species diversity
  • Demonstrate the importance of data gathering in order to gain a wider picture of national and global climate change and its impacts on biodiversity.

The Kit Contains:

1 Floor mat of the World map 

4 Bags felt animals/people and country names 

1 The great plant hunt identification kit 

2 Material quadrats 

6 Super-Pooters 

20 Magnifying bug viewers  

1 Combined Tuff Cam and Tuff Scope 

6 ‘Guide to Flowers & Plants’ identification booklets 

4 Pairs of Binocular’s 

4 ‘Top 50 Garden Birds’ identification booklets 

1 Copy of the BBC ‘Planet Earth’ DVD 

1 Copy of the BBC ‘Planet Earth’ book 

1 Copy of the ‘Teaching about Climate Change’ book 

2 Copies of ‘Climate Change Schools Project’ book 

1 Forest Fern puppet  

3‘write-on’ leaves and canopy 

1 Copy of ‘Protect Nature’ book 

1 Bug Buster & Instructions 

1Teachers notes