Healthy Eating Kit

Explore the concept of healthy eating and discover the importance of the five main food groups, with this great hands on kit, ideal for pupils in key stage 1 & 2.

Kits are rented on a termly basis and can be hired for up to 6 weeks. Only 2 kits per school at any time.

The Electricity kit is ideal for Key Stage 1 and 2, and gives the student the opportunity to explore healthy eating through fun activities including:

  • Write down what everyone has eaten in the past 24 hours. How did their diet compare with the pyramid?
  • Look at the different food groups and how they make up a healthy diet
  • Plan a healthy meal for a family
  • Plan a day’s worth of meals and include 5 servings of fruit and vegetables
  • Look at food labels to see how much sugar/faUsalt is in different foods
  • Find out how much energy is given by different foods
  • Identify examples of food as fruit or vegetables (tomatoes are fruit!)
  • Compare animal and human diets. Why are they different?
  • Find out how much different foods cost to buy. Why are some more expensive than others?
  • Discover added iron in your branflakes

The Kit Contains:

1 Large selection of foods (see Appendix for full list)
10 plates
1 “Join the Activators” CD-ROM
1 Eatwell Plate Big Floor Game:
1 Floormat
48 Food Cards
Sheet 1 Eatwell Plate – Activity Ideas
Sheet 2 Eatwell Plate Basics
Sheet 3 The Eatwell Plate: The food groups explained
4 posters:
• Fruit
• Vegetables
• Food pyramid
• The Eatwell Plate
1 set of Teachers’ notes