Kid K’Nex Kit

Kids K’NEX Kits are Suitable for key stage 1-4 and is a great tool to explore structures, forces and simple machines

Kits are rented on a termly basis and can be hired for up to 6 weeks. Only 2 kits per school at any time.

Aimed at early years and early Key stage 1, Kid K’Nex is the perfect way for toddlers and young children to express themselves and get creative.  Designed specifically for small hands, the parts are softer, larger and chunkier than classic K’nex.

Kid K’NEX can help pupils enhance the following skills:

  • Number skills
  • Colour and shape matching skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Spatial relations
  • Strength and coordination
  • Self-direction and self-esteem


Kid K’NEX is especially valuable when children play with it in small groups. This helps them to develop skills such as:

  • Language skills
  • Cooperative skills


Kid K’NEX characters can also be used to link into literacy activities that the age group enjoy, such as:

  1. Reading a book such as the Hungry Caterpillar, and asking the children to make some of the story’s characters out of Kid K’NEX.
  2. Asking children to build some Kid K’NEX characters, creatures or vehicles, and then make up and enact a story about them

View the full guide to using Kid K’NEX with children aged 3 to 7 here