The Torso Kit

Explore a range of Smart materials with this kit. Find out the properties and use for these materials. Ideal for key stage 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Kits are rented on a termly basis and can be hired for up to 6 weeks. Only 2 kits per school at any time.

Explore the human body and organs with this great torso model. The head, lungs, heart, kidneys, genitals, intestines, stomach, foetus and liver are all removable. The lungs, heart, kidneys and female genitals are also dissected to show their internal features making it an exciting way for the students to lean about the human body.  

The Kit Contains:

1 Model Torso with removable head and organs 

1 Set of genitals – exchangeable with those on torso 

1 Foetus to fit in uterus 

1 Human anatomy flipchart book 

1 Teachers’ notes