Water Investigation Kit

Explore and learn all about water with this water investigation kit which is suitable for key stages 3, 4, 5 & 6. Use the kit to discover more about the principles of temperature, solids and liquids and evaporation.

Kits are rented on a termly basis and can be hired for up to 6 weeks. Only 2 kits per school at any time.

You can use this kit to: 

The water investigation kit can be used for students to: 

  • investigate temperature and how to read it on a scale.
  • learn how a solid and a liquid can be mixed to produce a solution and investigate how this solid can be reclaimed by the process of evaporation. 
  • learn how solids can change state and how some changes are reversible and some irreversible 

The Kit Contains:

25 thermometers  

10 thermometer beakers with lids  

1 large thermometer  

10 Science dictionaries  

6 Balloons  

2 bottles of food colouring  

1 jug  

15 safety trays  

15 metal stands  

15-night light candles  

15 metal trays  

15 plastic cups to hold sand  

15 beakers  

15 pipettes  

1 lighter (only to be used by the class teacher)  

1 box of sand  


Items not included:

  • Recording sheets (a master copy is provided in Appendix 1) 
  • Chocolate chunks
  • You will require a freezer to freeze the water balloon and a large bowl or tank to put the ice balloon in