Spaghetti Towers

Are you up for the challenge? How high can you build a freestanding spaghetti tower? All you need is some spaghetti and marshmallows!



  • 1 packet of Marshmallows
  • 1 packet of (uncooked) Spaghetti



  1. Place 2 Lollipop sticks together and fix at each end with 2 elastic bands
  2. Cut a straw and insert 2 short pieces into the gap between the lollipop sticks
  3. Blow through the gap
  4. Can you hear a sound? What happens if you move the 2 straws closer together or further apart? Does the noise change?



To construct a free-standing tower made entirely of (uncooked) spaghetti and a packet of marshmallows!



Think about the shape and structure of buildings, bridges and towers that you are familiar with. Can you see any similarities between them? Use this knowledge to help you to create and build your own Spaghetti Tower.

You are allowed to snap the spaghetti and also to tear the marshmallows to make them smaller in size


Health and Safety

If you snap the spaghetti please do this away from your face (or wearing safety goggles) so that loose fragments don’t go into your eyes.

This activity can get very messy, so ensure that you have some bin bags to hand!