Wind Turbine

Make your own wind turbine! All you need is an A4 sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, a ruler and a kebab stick!



  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Kebab sticks



  1. Take your piece of paper and fold it lengthways into thirds
  2. Cut the paper along the fold so you have 3 equal lengths of paper
  3. Fold each piece lengthways into thirds
  4. Then fold each piece in ½
  5. The next bit is quite tricky so check out this YouTube Video to show you how to arrange your 3 folded pieces of paper to create your wind turbine
  6. Once you have all the pieces together, place the centre on top of your kebab stick and watch what happens!


The Challenge

To build your very own paper wind turbine.