Go Fish

Make your own fishing game and go against your friends!



  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • String – approx 50cm per player
  • Long sticks
  • Paperclips (or staples)
  • Small magnet e.g fridge magnet.



  1. To make a fishing rod, attach the string to the end of a stick or pole – one per player. Attach a magnet to the other end of the string
  2. For the fish, cut out a selection of fish shapes – approx 20-30 from coloured paper. Attach a paperclip to the mouth end of the fish (you can use staples as an alternative).
  3. To play, put the fish in the middle of the players, use the fishing rods to catch as many fish as possible. To make it more challenging you can add numbers to one side of the fish, place the fish number side down and then see what score each player gets at the end.


The science

Paperclips (and staples) are made from steel which has iron in it. Iron is magnetic and therefore attracted to the magnets on the end of the fishing rods.