Support for Teachers

The North East STEM Hub help influencers of Young people to cascade learning and development, whilst helping to raise awareness and inspiration of STEM subjects and career options.

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors can help support and enhance your curriculum and activities in many ways and each STEM Ambassador brings their own unique blend of knowledge and expertise to the session. 

Typical activities include Hands-on Workshops, Subject Talks, Assemblies, Careers Events, Speed Dating, CV workshops, Mock interviews and Employability Skills. We are keen to make sure that STEM Ambassadors provide as much impact as possible therefore it is important to think about how best to use them in your school.



Improve contextualisation of the curriculum


Improve understanding of stem careers


Increase motivation


Increase confidence in teaching stem


Improve liason with businesses


We have a wide range of STEM resources available for schools to hire as part of our Kit Club. Schools can rent 2 kits per term to help them deliver more engaging and inspiring STEM lessons. From Robotics kits, to full size skeletons and microscopes. Each of our kits is designed to complimet the curriculum, and are a great way to help insire students and keep them engaged in the STEM subjects.

Resources - Kit Club - North East STEM Hub

how to find a stem ambassador

Once you have identified where STEM Ambassadors can be of most help and have maximum impact on either the young people or the teachers in your school then you need to click on the link below to issue a request. We ask that you allow us at least 4-6 weeks to give us the best chance to find you a STEM Ambassador for your event. Click here to access support on how to write an effective STEM Ambassador request.


In the initial stage please login to the site: Creating an account is free if you don’t have one already and you will need to have a teacher account.


To request a STEM Ambassador, click on ‘Activities’ on the left hand side, and then ‘Add Activity’. This will bring up a form to enter all details of your event.


Once the form is completed, click on ‘Add this Activity’ at the bottom of the page and this will allow STEM Ambassadors to view and volunteer for the event.