Marble Run

Construct your own marble run and challenge your friends to see whose marble will reach the bottom first!



  • 1 square cardboard box
  • Pieces of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Marbles



  1. Sellotape your large cardboard box together so it forms a strong base for your marble run
  2. Cut enough 4 inch wide pieces of cardboard a little longer than the sides on your carboard box (you will need enough of these to form a marble run around your box)
  3. Fold each piece of cardboard in half to form a ‘V’ shape
  4. Use sticky tape to attach each of the pieces of cardboard to all 4 sides of the cardboard box at different heights around the box
  5. Start your marble at the top and watch it speed down your marble run
  6. If it doesn’t work first time, you might have to amend your design slightly to ensure that the marble doesn’t fall out of the run as it makes its descent! .



To construct your very own marble run





Remember you are wanting your marble to run smoothly from the top to the bottom of the cardboard box so you will need your run to flow from top to bottom around each side of the cardboard
box, using the cardboard box as the internal supporting structure. 



Health and Safety

Be careful when using scissors.

Watch the marble carefully as it descends down your run in case it fires very quickly out of the bottom!!