Slinky Sounds

What sounds do a slinky make? What does is sound like? How does the sound travel?



  • Metal slinky
  • String
  • Scissors



  1. Cut 2 pieces of string
  2. Tie them firmly to the last coil of the slinky
  3. Create a finger loop at the top of each piece of string
  4. Place your fingers in the loop and then into your ears
  5. Allow the slinky to bounce up and down
  6. What do you hear?



Jumping up and down creates vibrations on the coils of the slinky which create a sound. The sound transfers up the string and into your eardrums, sounding a bit like lasers firing!


Health and Safety

Children should just jump up and down with the slinkies they should be discouraged from running around with them and/or swinging them from side to side.